Wonderful Homework!

Snow fun! By Safiyyah

Surrounded by snowy trees, I arrived at my destination. I had come to stay in a cosy, warm log cabin in the alluring Scottish Highlands to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In my snug cabin, there was a roaring fire and flickering ashes. I was boarded by natural  beauty. I decided to go for a long walk in the wintry woods. 

Deep in the forest, I trudged through the frigid snow and embarked on my delightful walk. I could hear the sound of cute owls hooting and the snow falling. It was a beautiful night. There was a frozen river and a shaky bridge. I tried to take in all the ambience . The crunch of the branches beneath my boots was so satisfying. The leaves became yellow or orange if they hadn’t already fallen off yet! The skyscraping trees were covered in bitter snow. I could feel the snow brushing up against my numb skin. 

I heard my mother call out “Dinnertime!” So I ran back home for a lovely large feast.

As I set off into the cold wilderness, I spotted towering, snow covered pine trees with snow flakes elegantly falling off.There were frozen berry bushes dotted around the glimmering carpet of snow. The freezing wind howled like a wolf , it sent an ice cold shiver down my spine.There was a beautiful , trickling waterfall with icicles coming down.                                          

I could hear the crunching of snow quietly underneath my feet. Looking up, I could see the empty, lonely nest sat on a long branch.At night, I could see the magical , bright Northern Lights flying through the stars. By Lawson