5GD’s writing

We wrote our own portal stories inspired by ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ this week. Here’s some examples 😀

Isabelle And The Desert

Our story starts with a young girl named Isabelle Bailey. She is very adventurous and always finds the good out of the bad. As usual Isabelle was bored. She had no one to play with. There was one place she loved the most. Her garden. The place she lived had a beautiful large back garden. The youthful girl just sat on the grass looking at the sky. Before long, Isabelle had already found a new sighting. A rabbit hole. Around 12 foot in depth. Isabelle being Isabelle went down it. 

It was dirty and not to mention the smell was horrible. It was so earthy and that wasn’t the bad part. It was oozing with guess what… Rabbit droppings. Yet she kept going further and further. One thing that about Isabelle is that she wasn’t a coward. She never gave up and never gave in. Very vaillant girl. This adventure she was actually struggling to stroll on and complete her quest.This meant it was very arduous for even the greatest explorers of mankind.

All of a sudden Isabelle had come to a stop. She put her hand out before her head just in case something was there and all she felt was a soft, warm and powdery thing. She stuck her head out to see a vast land of sand going on for miles and miles. “ Where am I?” Isabelle questioned. It almost felt magical. 

The sand was all in between her miniscule toes and it was very hot. The sun shone in her eyes making them glisten like diamonds. The sky was a baby blue with a little addition of floating sand in the sky. The ripples were visible and the dunes were like meager hills. Just then, she realised she was in a desert! “How did I get here?!” 

She looked to her rather roasted right and saw a large, ancient looking statue of an eagle. It was quite random for a statue like that to be in the middle of nowhere.

That second, a little squeal came from behind the cacti and Isabelle had the feeling she was being watched. That was her gut feeling. But she didn’t know who by.

Billy landed on his feet. He trod on something just like moth balls, but then realised that it is soft, brown sand. He stands there in shock and wonders why there is sand in a box. It was so dark in the box so he thinks he is still in the tomb stone box. He said “ it feels like I have wearing a mask for too long and now I can’t see anything.” This had never happend before except for once when my mum slapped me really hard and I lost my sight. It was scary because he couldn’t see when his mum or dad would slap him and not tell him when. Billy had lots of bruses and cuts on his body before he got his sight back. Days later, Billy snuck out of his bedroom to the hopital, got stiched up and some medicine for the pain. The medicine was used to go in water so his parents wouldn’t notice him drinking it. After days of drinking it, Billy wanted to drink it more because it tasted like strawberrys. 

Luke reached down to feel what it was but it felt hot and tickly . A sudden breeze made him look up to a vast vista of mile upon miles of desert . Immense sand dunes stretched for ever . The scorching heat striked Luke on his face. His mouth was parched and his tongue tasted like copper . But what caught his eye the most was the weird red pinkish and cloudless sky. It was as red as Mars in the void space.

“ Wow !” Luke had managed to say through his dry mouth. This sky was the only thing apart from this being an ordinary dessert. The sun stood in the middle of the sky with all its might , pounding burning heat down . The barren wasteland was huge.